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Where do you find the best starter plants for a summer gardern ???

The posts have been in frequent for a good time now. The team is taken a break and then some soul-searching as to what type of theme we want the blog to have. Luckily we all arrived at the same conclusion which is we would like it to make it about families on the go. . . . → Read More: Where do you find the best starter plants for a summer gardern ???

What keeps you on the go?

As Summer winds to a close, the question of the day is: what keeps you going? At nwfamilies on the go our goal is to keep you on the go!!! Please add the conversation and let us know what keep you on the go @ #nwfamiliesonthego

. . . → Read More: What keeps you on the go?

Harman Swim Center

A great asset that I part of the TVPD system. Harmon Swim Center Website

Enjoying time at the swim center. If you have not been this particular location you should try it out.

Right now we are trying out the evening swim lesson session for the first time. Currently, it is also in conjunction with . . . → Read More: Harman Swim Center

YMCA Basketball

Enjoying a wonderful YMCA basketball game with our family!

Spring has Sprung

The sun has been teasing us a little lately, now for a bit more cooperation. A little light appears in the sky and it sets Spring fever into motion. I’m ready to clean out the accumulated cobwebs in my house and mind. I’m ready to get out there and try some new activities and get . . . → Read More: Spring has Sprung