Where do you find the best starter plants for a summer gardern ???

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For the rest of today’s post, I want to ask a simple question. The topic is where do you get the best starter plants from for a garden? Our family has been on the go but we would like to have a small garden because the enjoyable season for gardening has now started. Morgan has beautiful weather and can host a wide variety of plants vegetables and fruits over the summer period. Deciding which of these to grow is always a challenge because spaces to be limited in a typical suburbia house which is what we have. Last year we tried many of our plans from seeds and had a good success rate until the slugs moved in. The slugs managed to mow down the entire row of lettuce which while the baby lettuce was delicious the mature lettuce never made it to fruition. I was able to use a little bit of natural remedies which included eggshells bark and other rough materials as well as some salt certain areas to slow them down significantly. This year we decided to mulch the entirety with bark dust, hopefully this will work. Otherwise we will have to go back to the normal means and try and put a little salt around our garden. The main premise was why not pay a little bit extra to have the plant already started several down the road? The garden that we had made last year we did start several plans early move them outside and about the appropriate time and had a late dip in the weather. I do not remember it being a late frost but in either event it really slowed down the production of several of our different plant species.

But we decided why not invest a little extra money on gathering these plans early in the moving through the rest of their distribution throughout the garden. At the end of the day if they die off it is very easy to go back to the store and grab a few more and move forward. This was the genesis of what lead us to want to know the best places to find the most cost-effective starter plants. Please make your submission blown the comment section or feel free to reach out to us on twitter or our Gmail account. We would love to hear your thoughts!

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