Harman Swim Center

A great asset that I part of the TVPD system.
Harmon Swim Center Website

Enjoying time at the swim center. If you have not been this particular location you should try it out.

Right now we are trying out the evening swim lesson session for the first time. Currently, it is also in conjunction with anighttime fitness session. As a result the lights are off inside of the pool and the pool lights are on.This is creating aneat effect.

What really makes this place is the people. Each of the swim instructors for the last several sessions have been fantastic. As a result, we keep coming back because we enjoy the atmosphere and the education myboys are receiving with regards on how to swim.

In addition to the people the most interesting spot about this particular swim center is its legacy. The namesake of the center is dedicated to a gentleman who helped made it legendary. As a result, it is very nice to see the people carrying on this legacy.

Furthermore, the location of the swim center is conveniently located right off of the I-217 Freeway. This location makes it incredibly easy to attend any type of some lesson as you can simply take a left hand turn headed east and end up at the service center in a matter of minutes. If you need gasoline there’s a place right on the corner and if you need to go for some groceries there is a Safeway nearby. In fact, if you need to make a stop by the Beaverton library it’s about 10 minutes away. All making this location very convenient in relation to its surroundings.

If you have not checked out the swim center be sure to do so at its website:
Otherwise if you need to check out other find facilities like this one take a look at the Twala Valley recreation districts set of services and different assets throughout the Portland Metro area.

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